Security Equipment of the Fire Department


Firefighters equipment: the Uniform

Firefighters uniforms’ composition is regulated by the Ministry of the Interior.

The uniforms are made up of aprotective helmet, balaclavas, caps, fireproof shirts, jackets, trousers and accessories such as gloves, socks, intervention shoes and specific outfits, such as the rain suit and theflame retardant intervention suit and, in based on the VVF qualification, various friezes are distinguished.

Firefighters uniforms’ fabrics

In accordance with safety regulations, the uniforms are made with viscose fabric and aramid fiber.The aramid fiber protects from the heat and is a naturally flame retardant fabric; for this reason it must not be treated with external flame retardant agents, which could become toxic in case of intense heat. This type of fiber does not stick to the skin, does not melt and drip.

Firefighters protective helmet and under helmet

The helmet consists of five basic elements: an outer shell, a counter shell, a semi shell, a transparent visor, and a reflective screen. The outer shell is convex and made of Kevlar. The inner shell is made of EPS, and the half shell is made of ABS. Furthermore, the helmet is completed by a protective barding. The transparent visor protects your eyes while the retractable reflective screen allows you to get close to intense heat sources. Finally, each helmet is equipped with a radio communication system, lights and a series of shoulder and neck protectors. The under helmet, like the shirt, is made with aramid fiber and protected by an antistatic fiber, which completely covers the head.

Firefighters shirt and protective jacket

In accordance with safety regulations,the flame-retardant shirt is dark green and open at the front with a zipper, and is made of 50% aramid fiber, 25% viscose, the remaining 25% wool. The jacket is also made of aramid fiber and is antistatic. The jacket shows arm friezes.

Accessories: gloves and intervention shoes

The gloves reach up to the middle of the forearm, stretch on the back and are made with fireproof fabrics. They have three functional layers. The intervention shoes are instead made of black leather, have a zip in the center and can be adjusted thanks to cord and laces, have a protective toe cap, a non-slip rubber sole and a steel plate to prevent perforations.

The arm friezes

The friezes are on the jacket and present different colors based on the qualification. Here are the main ones:

  • Unicef ​​frieze: this frieze has a light blue background, and the Unicef ​​symbol flanked by the European Union symbol. It is affixed to the jacket on the left side.
  • Frieze identifying the name: on the right side of the jacket on the breastplate there is instead the name of the fireman.
  • Command identification frieze: this frieze, which identifies the command, is located on the breastplate on the left side of the jacket.

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