Integrated logistics and warehouse, from software to platform


Integrated Logistic: What do we mean by this governance? How can we implement it to warehouse management?

Integrated logistics is essential for those companies that deals with storing and circulating goods. In this article we discover what integrated logistics is and how it can be applied to warehouse management.

The meaning of Integrated Logistics

Integrated logistics means a system of internal and external processes that collects all the information needed tooptimize operational and management processes.What is thedifference compared to traditional logistics? The adjective „integrated“ indicates a type of logistics that provides for integration in every step, from planning to control.

This means thatintegrated logistics takes care of all the topics of the traditional logistics but it widens its competences by the inclusion of other departments like marketing and production.Thanks to its interdisciplinarity, integrated logistics is characterized by being strongly oriented to theoptimization of costs and production times, as well as to the improvement of quality.Byinvolving suppliers and customers, integrated logistics allows a company to create single and unique workflows to manage industrial processes.Integrated logistics is created thanks to a management software developed ad hoc according to the processes and flows of the company.

Thissoftwarehas the primary task of gathering and analyzing all the data provided by the company’s production reports.
In this way the integrated logistics allows to have a real-time overview of the situation: how many stocks there are in warehouse, the coverage of a possible order.

Integrated logistics and warehouse management

Integrated logistics also play a key role inwarehouse management.The integrated logistics applied to the warehouse concurs to predispose of the logistic processes with which thelevel of supplies can be identified quickly and in real time, knowing every material or object in warehouse.

Even choosing the place that will be used as a warehouse is crucial in the perspective of optimization: the warehouse must be a suitable and developable space, to store and stock goods according to their nature and current regulations.

In this way it will be possible to process orders quickly, punctually and flawlessly until the final delivery.

Managing all this workflow is possible thanks to the software and the implementation ofexcellent operating machinery that ensure the productivity and safety of workers.A fundamental machinery to guarantee an efficient integrated logistics system is the lifting platform that allows goods to be moved safely and quickly.A good warehouse management depends on the optimization of existing resources and the implementation of new measures in order to reach a higher standard.

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